Wednesday, September 11, 2013

45 at Church, Alicia and Cristian

Cristian did not come to church because he had to work, it was difficult to find him this week as well because he hurt his knee and other reasons. We had a good week overall.   I had a little bit of an argument with my comp, but we quickly got over it, and had some really good lessons on Monday.

We played soccer for a few minutes today and washed our clothes in Ariel Munoz´s sisters house and then it rained and all of the clothes that were hanging up got soaked, I love washing machines!

We had 2 really good lessons on Monday.   The branch president here asked to be released.  Only 45 people came to church on Sunday. I have decided that I am not going to eat sugar for a while.

Alicia a less active member and her 2 kids who we are teaching came to church on Sunday. Hna. Baltazar, a member who I helped to reactivate talked in church yesterday. Our recent converts Magda and Carmen were not able to make it to church yesterday, and the kids of Alicia were the only investigators who came. Christian's brother and sister in law came to church and we are going to have a lesson with their whole family tomorrow. We made an awesome contact, but when we go to teach the man, he hides from us, and another girl who we contacted does the same. Accepting our visit here would be like one of our neighbors accepting a visit from the Jehovah Witnesses so you can understand why it would be kinda hard.

Love you guys, have a great week!

Elder Jarvis

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