Thursday, December 5, 2013

Zone Conference in Santiago

Monday December 2nd-
The San Blas Elders (Ben's companion, Elder Martinez, is the little one next to him)

So, this week went well. We had Zone Conference is Santiago and we took a test on Preach My Gospel and I got the highest score in the zone, but not to brag or anything, and Elder Martinez got the second highest score. I am just a little bit taller and wider than him, but just a little. 

We were able to visit many less active members and investigators this week and invite them to church. Many less active members came and a couple of investigators as well. I went on divisions with Elder Webb this week, he is my zone leader, we have the same time in the mission and it was fun to talk about how we will both be going home soon. It was fun, and a little tough at times because Elder Webb speaks REALLY good Spanish, like he knows how to tell jokes and talk slang and has a really good accent, so it was good and just a little bit hard because of that. I fasted for all of my converts so they will stay active in the church. I felt a little bit bad because I had a really easy time fasting this week, I was not hungry or thirsty and it was kinda weird. We ate  A TON this week, first the huge sandwiches in zone conference. Then, we ate Thanksgiving with Sister Chellenberg and her family, and we ate several times Saturday, we ate a lot!

One of the sisters in the zone, and the zone conference sandwich

The three that finished their whole sandwich!

We had some good discussions this week, 73 came to church in total, not so great of a week. The sandwich was really good at zone conference. We ate all of the normal american food for thanksgiving. We ate pie and potatoes and gravy, stuffing, chicken, all of the normal good stuff. We have a ton of investigators, but only 1 of them is really progressing, her name is Nina. She came to church on Sunday. It was fun because she was not going to go, but we passed by to invite her Sunday morning and she came.

One of the nice things of this week was being able to visit Karla and Agustin. They are a young couple who were baptized just a couple of months ago, they have not been to church in 2 weeks and we visited them 2 times this week. They are really humble, awesome people. When I am with Agustin I just feel like he is pure and awesome, he is the kinda guy I would've hung out with back at home. I am sure that they will be back to church next week. Also, Alicia, a less active member who had not been to church in my time here came to church on Sunday. And we also were able to gain the confidence of her sister, Mari, who is also a member and can´t come to church because she works on Sundays. Edgar and Andrea also came to church on Sunday, it was fun because we saw Andrea walking into church by herself and thought, "well, cool that Andrea came, but that stinks that Edgar didn't", but he had come in the other entrance on his motorcycle. We are hoping that they can be sealed in the temple soon. They both have more than a year as members of the church and I am pretty sure that they keep the commandments and are worthy to enter into the temple. Have they started construction on the Cedar City temple? Hopefully they have. 

I have got to go now. Thanks for the awesome letters you write to me each and every week.  I pray for you guys often and thank God everyday for sending me to the family he sent me to, have a great week!

Love, Elder Ben Jarvis

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