Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Having fun Skyping with Mexico

Here's Nate, trying to show Ben where Cape Verde Africa is.
Looks about the same, but talks very choppy; his English sounds funny.

Ben says he's famous for this green bucket, and the variety of foods he eats in it.  

(He assures us he washes it once a week.)

"These are folders for my scriptures, a member made them for Elder Robertson, and he let me use them when we were companions and he never asked to have them back and so when he left I did not offer them to him, so he kinda gave them to me right?"

"a collection of ties that I have received here in the mission"

"Well I still have not lost all of my muscle, and if you cannot tell, 
the jersey is a little tight on me too, and so it helps me out, haha."

"The yogurt that I bought today in the tianguis"

"I decided to do pushups on the soccer field today"

Wow, the pictures were awesome! Sorry I had to leave, today we had a
weird situation writing. What happened is that we wrote for 1 hour,
but then we went and ate Japanese food with Elders Kubat and Velazquez
because tomorrow Elder Kubat is going to be transferred to
Guadalajara. They are going to have special transfers, not because of
anything that either one of them have done, they are both very
obedient elders, I think it is because there are a lot of American
elders that are going to be arriving here in the middle of the

I am going to miss him a lot. Elder Kubat is from California
and has been here in Guzman for all of his mission, 6 transfers, one
more than me. He is really obedient and has been a great example to
me, he is always happy and positive, and is just a really Christlike
person. Actually, when I think about him, that is the first thing that
I think, that he is the one person that I have ever met, who, when he
makes decisions, it really seems like he takes into account what we
all should, what would Christ do in this situation. 

Anyways, the point is that I have great enjoyed my time here with him and am going to
miss him a lot. And the Elder who is coming here in his place is Elder
Rogers, who has the same time as me in the mission, he is "Sean" from
Psych, a super funny, always happy and positive kinda guy. I am going
to try and send a few more pictures quickly, I only have 5 more
minutes left.

Well, I cannot at the moment find the cable for my camara and so I guess that I will not be sending more photos until next week.

I love you guys and will see you next week, well I guess talk to you next week. Next week I will not be writing until Tuesday because Elder Christofferson is coming on Monday.

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