Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Transfer to Tuxpan

I will try to do the best to write the week out in words, I would really like to be able to send pictures, but right now i cannot.  I hope that you guys are receiving my emails because this computer is stupid.

They are going to transfer both me and my companion to Tuxpan tomorrow and are bringing in a trio of Sister missionaries, but President Wagner gave us permission to come back for Veronica’s  baptism. I am not too excited about having to go to Tuxpan, but we will see how things go.   I will take a bus to my new area, it is like a 40 minute ride from Guzman.  We are going to be 4 elders in Tuxpan, it is a small town in the same zone.

It was of course very hard saying goodbye to everyone this weekend. This week was good other than that they are going to send us to to Tuxpan and I have to leave Paradise.  


Elder Cristian Ramos Barrios---Chiapas, Mexico
Elder Luis Francisco Aguilar Rojas---Puebla, Mexico
Elder Isaias Gonzalez Garcia--Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Hermana Lesly Amparo Lopez Cruz, Mexico, Mexico
Hermana Angie Karina Ramirez--Comayaguela, Honduras
Hermana Paula Andrea--Armonia, Colombia
Hermana Ivonne Jenili Sauceda--Tegucigalpa, Honduras
(Elder Aguilar, second in from the right, has been Ben's zone leader for the past six months, and most of this time they shared the "big house" there in Guzman.  Ben describes him as one of the funniest guys he knows.  He would go running with Ben, something Ben says he will really miss.)

"I  found a lizard this morning, it was in the bottom of the washer that we rented, and so I was easily able to catch it, but then, with all of the common sense I have, I took it outside, and did not know what to do with it, so, what I decided to do with just throw it high up into the air, it fell down from the air and broke a part of its tail, and I felt really guilty, of course, about having done that.
The good thing is that I did not kill the lizard, but rather just injured it, but it could still run fast and everything.

I also killed 2 tarantulas in the house yesterday and today.

We had a party, sleepover at the zone leaders house on Friday night and on Saturday morning me and Elder Aguilar went running clear out to the monos, like 5 miles in total, just like old times and for the last time, and then Saturday morning, the old letdown feelings started to come back.

E. Aguilar is going home and that was and will be really tough for me, Elder Webb, the black elder from my generation is going to be the new zone leader here.  We had a minor conflict on Saturday, because the other zone leader wants me to like him as much as I do Aguilar, but I was not willing to do that so quickly.

Veronica came to church again and to an activity Saturday night, that was kinda frustrating because we did not have very much time and had hoped that the members would come over and talk to her and everything, and they did not really do that.    The members here  are all totally awesome, and with a few hints from us they did go over and talk to her.   I wished you would have been there on Saturday to go and sit by Veronica at the party, she is so awesome though!

I had divisions in Sayula and that is when President Wagner called with the news that I would be headed to Tuxpan.   I ended up sitting by a homosexual man on the camion going to Guzman from Sayula and so like a 45 minute ride, and that was not very fun at all."

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