Monday, June 3, 2013

Not in Kansas anymore

Tuxpan is the little tiny place where the missionaries are in charge of everything sort of a place.
I feel a little bit like saying, well, we are not in Kansas anymore.

Most importantly this week I got sick, I got pink eye and it kept me down Saturday.  I took some medicine for the pink eye, but just for a little bit, it healed up really quickly. It was kinda funny what happened.  I woke up on Friday morning and my eyes were feeling a little bit puffy, but I did not do anything about it, and we went out to work as we always do.  But as the day went on they got worse and worse, it was like this sleepy sand stuff in my eyes, but really thick and gooey. And so in the afternoon we went to the doctor, who did no tests, and just for looking at my eyes, very quickly determined what I had, but the medicine did not help too much. We continued working of course, I was not about to go home and rest or anything, but then, an ex mission companion of President Wagner and ex mission president as well, found us walking in the street, and called President Wagner and then took me home.

The next morning when I woke up, my eyes were so bad, that they were closed shut, I could not open them. And so when I woke up, I pridefully thought that I could make it to the bathroom walking blindly. And so, I started walking and ending up in no mans land, and turned around and went back to bed, this was Saturday morning. And Saturday ended up being one of the best days of my mission, I just studied all day long, for like 7 hours, and learned a lot and felt the spirit very strongly, which was something that I desperately needed.

I directed the hymns yesterday in church and 30 people came, and several left after sacrament meeting, but we had 2 good lessons in the afternoon, and felt the spirit very strongly, 3 of the 4 investigators that we taught accepted baptismal challenges, and 3 of them were men, many escogidos!  I do not know how to direct hymns, it was quite the crack up.

It is much smaller than Guzman, we have very few active members to work with, and the majority of the less actives members either:

1) do not want anything to do with the church

2) Are dead

3 Do not, or supposedly do not, live there anymore

We are living with the other elders for the moment.  The house is fine, but very dirty.   Elder Mills is from South Sevier, he told me he was from Monroe and then quickly started to explain where it was, but I told him that I knew where it was.  His companion, Elder Cervante,  was already here.  Elder  Mills is new here just like me and my companion. We have a little bit of an uphill climb here because the old branch president was excommunicated for stealing the members tithing money and not living the law of chastity. And because of some not so great missionaries in the past.

Well, I have had the feeling that my debit card might show up.  Up until now we have been living with the other Elders because the money for the rent on our new house was on my card that was with the zone leaders.  And anyways, the point is that we have been living with them and have not had the chance to unpack all of our stuff, when we unpack all of it in the coming days, maybe it will show up.  If not, next Monday maybe you should cancel it. I feel really bad, and I know that I have got to better my common sense, and not forget and lose my things so easily.

Other than the card, I am really excited and happy right now. Saturday was one of the best days of my life, I had been feeling quite guilty and was really looking for the spiritual confirmation that I am worthy to be here and it came, and it was absolutely indescribable.   I do not want to talk about it too much in detail, because of something that Elder Packer says in PMG, he talks about how the really spiritual experiences that we have, do not come along very often, and that we should be careful when talking about these experiences, but the point is, that it was an awesome day.

Veronica was not baptized, she drank coffee this week, but she came to church yesterday and should be baptized this Saturday.

Love you guys,
Elder Jarvis

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