Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Veronica's Baptism and Farewell to Guzman Pictures

I am good, except I'm trying to send photos and it is not working.  I had to go to Guadalajara today for stuff with my visa and so I am not going to have a ton of time to write, sorry.

This is me and Elder Hernandez, and Veronica, who did get baptized this Saturday  and the sister missionaries who taught her too. 
One of the sister missionaries mom died this week too.

Me and Veronica, as you can see I am bigger than the majority of the people here, haha.
(Notice the sign above Ben's head)

One of the last visits with my favorite family in Mexico. Lola has not been to church in 2 weeks.

Me and the Bernal family, this hna. went with us to teach people all of the time.

me and elder Aguilar, you will have to look for him on Facebook because apparently the members of Guzman say that he put a video on Facebook of the famous rat killing incident. Also, Mom it would be great if you could talk to Lola on Facebook and try to encourage her a little bit, what are your Facebook names?

Last moments with the Diaz Lopez Family. 

We have also found many less active members this week, but none of them came to church on Sunday, the attendance was 31 this week, one better than last week, although many of them were little kids. 

I talked and talked for too long, if you can believe it, in Spanish. 

2 kids that I absolutely love, Juan Manuel, and his brother Jose Antonio.  Juan Manuel is the older and taller one, they are the ones that did come to church, but never could be baptized because there Dad was not ok with it. 

Me and Ivan,.

We are teaching a family here, Juan and Cecilia, they are awesome, we had a really great lesson with them about a week ago, but yesterday they could not come to church because the JWs came over to visit them. that did not make me really happy.

Ivan, Joahna and Ivans mom, Joahna is awesome, one of the girls that it is easiest for me to talk to.

We moved into our own house this week, we have our mattresses and nothing to put them on.  The house is super small and super hot, I received Bryce Perkins letter this week that was cool. 

We found a few people to teach this week, the majority a little bit interesting, but I cannot complain, people to teach is people to teach.We taught several cool people this week including a part member family, but we have to pass by for them to accompany them to church I think. 

I did not exercise on Saturday because my companion hurt his back and could not and so I did not either, and I did not have time to today, and so I am feeling a little bit down, but this week will be a good one, I have 4 minutes left.   I love you guys, tell Nate I said congratulations!

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