Monday, July 29, 2013

Advice for Nate....

Ben gave Nate some last minute advice before he heads off into the MTC next week.   I thought it was fun and thought I'd share.

"Nate, I think that it is completely normal to be a little bit nervous, just make sure to write back and forth with me and I will try to help you out and make the transition a little bit easier in that way. What will happen the first day is that they give you your name tags, plaques, I do not know what they are called in English, but you know what I am talking about, and then, they will do some other stuff, and then you have a big meeting with all of the new people of that day with the MTC president and you meet your companion and then you eat, and then go to class. Don't be freaked out, but from the first day, your teacher will likely be talking to you in Portuguese and you will not understand a thing, but that is alright. But, just so you know, everything happens really quickly the first day, and then it calms down a tiny bit after that.

Try to have a fun time at the MTC.  I thought that it was really hard, but you will realize once you leave there, that it is a cake walk. Make lots of friends on your hall at night, at least so that they will share their food for you when they get it. I also found that, being bigger than the other elders helped a lot as far as them sharing their food with me. EAT ALL THE FOOD THAT YOU CAN, I DOUBT THAT YOU WILL BE EATING AS MUCH THERE AS I AM EATING HERE!"

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