Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Six more weeks in Tuxpan !!

Only one picture from Ben this week, and it was of his tacos :)

"My tacos and tortillas, I thought that Dad would really like this one, and also my horchata"

Every other Friday the sister who feeds us just gives us money and so we went to an awesome taco store, I bought 12 tacos and an horchata for 58 pesos, but the tacos are not very big, It is not like I am eating a ton or anything, but they were pretty good.

It’s been raining a ton, just like it sounds like it is there.   I was so happy when Jess told me that she just started to work at the ice plant!

I am very happy right now, I like the rain here, and your letters excited me a lot, I do not know, I just feel really happy right now. Yesterday was a good Sunday as well, the attendance was about the same as it was the last week, and so we are happy that it maintained itself and did not go down. Even better, is that 5 less active members came this week, and 2 investigators. Roxanne, the american girl came for the 2nd time and the daughter of a less active member who we are teaching came as well, and I bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting. The names of the less active members who came to church yesterday are Maria Urdiales, Alicia, Viridiana, Hna. Baltazar, and her daughter Yared Baltazar.  We have been working with and visiting the Baltazar family for all of my time here in Tuxpan and they came to church for the first time yesterday, and the same with Viridiana!

Hoy me toco limpiar la casa, y fue muy divertido, lo disfrute mucho, mientras, mi companero estaba lavando su ropa y esta bien. Ahora, tenemos un horario y a veces yo lavo mi ropa y el limpia, y a veces yo limpio y el lava su ropa, no tuvimos cambios. Voy a estar aqui por lo menos un cambio mas con Elder Hernandez y estoy muy feliz por eso y animado tambien. 
(for you gringos like me, apparently this says that  Ben and Elder Hernandez are staying together  in Tuxpan for at least more transfer - and he's happy about it...)

And  today we are going to buy food from Bimbo Expendio, I am not sure if you remember what they are, but it is a bread store, that is super duper cheap and they also have twinkies and that sort of thing! Yesterday Juan Manuel gave me the shoes that he bought for me and they are totally awesome!

Yep, my testimony was and it was short and sweet, I always think now about what President Hinckley said about a testimony, he said, it should start with a Yo Se...I was even able to say Verdadera better than I usually do, I really struggle rolling my r"s actually I cannot do it, and I also struggle with words, such as verdadera, verdadero, and sacerdocio, which stinks because they are words that I have to use all of the time, but o well, it is alright. 

Thinking about stuff for Nate, I would say, it would be important to bring many pairs of garments, and socks, and shirts and pants, and that he maybe try to take a little bit better care of them than I have. 

I went on Divisions with Elder Mills this week and it was fun other than that we spoke in almost 100 percent english except during the lessons.  On Saturday the branch president let me borrow his umbrella and a super expensive jacket of his, it is the nicest jacket that I have ever worn in my life. He and his wife also took us to an expensive restaurant to eat and they are not rich or anything, so I kinda felt a little bit bad about that. We had a lesson with Hno. Munoz, the ex branch president and it was nice, because he was honest with us, he told us that he still has a testimony of the church and everything and he plans on coming back to church, he is just not ready yet. 

An american who talked to us a little while ago, who is here working and has 2 brothers who are members of the church in California, one of whom is a stake president there, is going to take us to lunch today, so that is nice.  Actually he is not an american, but speaks English pretty well. Also, Oscar, and luz maria had an interview with pres. Zamora this week, so that was good.  He is a less active member and she is not a member, they are going to have a baby and just found out that it is going to be a boy, and so he was really happy about that.  It will be there first child, sadly they are not married. Maria Urdiales came to church on Sunday with her daughters, one of whom Jenifer, we are teaching.  They are a family of a ton of members, the majority of whom live in the same house and they are really poor, it is really sad. 

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