Monday, August 12, 2013

New Comp for a Week

Transfers are not until next week, but I got another companion this week, his name is Elder Casanova.  He has one week left in his mission, he is a really cool guy. I got him on Thursday,and he will be here for a week and then, will be returning home to the heat.  I like him a lot, he speaks good English, is from Merida, and knows the beef and the bad stuff about every missionary in this mission.  He was transferred a week early because he had some problems in his last area.  I do not like to hear about all of these missionaries whom I considered angels, to hear that they really were or are not. But I have asked him several times if he has heard bad things about me and I have repeatedly reassured him that if he has, they are not true, ha, ha.   He is a really awesome guy other than that he is always talking about his house and going home and what it is going to be like.

Elder C  teaches me both Spanish and gospel things, he teaches me in a very kind and easy to take way. It is kinda weird, he does not like to teach with the scriptures because he already knows them, seemed kinda weird to me, but he is not cocky or anything that is just his style. 

This is me and elder Casanova at the carne asada that we had this past Friday.
We had a carne asada friday and it was pretty fun. Several members came as did Carmen and Magda. Carmen, Magda, Lupita all came to church, as did Angelica, a friend of Magdas, so 4 investigators in church was the most that we have had in a while.   43  people came to church in total.  

 This is the family that we are going to help move today, Alicia and 2 of her 4 children, Mosiah and Karen.  They have been less active.  The other 2 are older, Abinadi, a girl, and Giancarlo, and they are not very interested in listening when we come to teach them. She is the one that moved here from Matamoros.

This is a picture of Areli and Sol Munoz, they just walked past the Ciber we are at so I had to take a picture with them. They did not come to church yesterday, but they did come Saturday, including, Arturo, to help us clean the church. 

The good thing is though is that my companion knows a lot and teaches me in a very kind and easy to take way. I am glad that everything went well with nate, and cannot believe that he has that Caplin kid as his companion, kinda like when I had the short stint with Elder Jacobsen in the MTC, the little slice of heaven moments. I am so happy that you and dad were able to go down to the temple this past weekend and be the witness couple, and meet the nice 80 year old lady. 

I have been studying a lot about the temple this past week, and gave an awful talk about temples yesterday. I started to talk about Sealings, and for one, could not remember the words to say in Spanish, and two, nobody in the branch other than the missionaries, the Castolo family, Viridiana, and maybe the branch president understand what the sealing is, but oh well.

I ate well this week and feel fitter and feel like I have less fat. I am glad that Kassidy Perkins is ok, it sounds like that was a very traumatic experience that she had. You all look great in the pictures with Nate up at the temple, every time I look at Sam he is getting taller. We are now allowed to play basketball and soccer, half court, but I don´t even feel like I want to that much. Sounds like both Lindsey and Zane are going to have baptisms soon, so that is cool, Carmen and Magda should be baptized either this weekend or the next.

Tell dad, that I am going to give him a run for his money eating spicy foods when I get back, not because I like to eat them, but because I can eat a lot of spicy food. Love you guys, and I have got to go, I will tell you about transfers next week, mom read D and C 97 verse 8.

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