Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Staying in Tuxpan, Elder Garcia and a return visit to Guzman

Transfers?   I am still in Tuxpan, now  with Elder Garcia, he is from Guatemala and has about 10 months in the mission.    Elder Garcia seems like a really cool guy, his mom is an English teacher and so he speaks english, he has a really good accent. 

This past week went well with Elder Cassanova.  We did everything at a very slow pace, which was hard for me, but he did continue to work, and he even exercised, I take a lot of the credit for that. He was a really smart guy and taught me a lot in a really nice way.    Elder Casanova talked his last Sunday in church here in the mission. It was a really weird experience his last week, I kinda felt like it was my last week as well, a lot of really weird emotions I am sure. 

 I received the credit card at the exact moment when I needed it, it was wonderful!  I  had to use the card because for transfers we have to travel a lot, and I lended Elder Hernandez 200 pesos. Elder Braxton Duncan is the new companion of E. Hernandez and so now we are in the same district and I am going to see them both every week.    they are in Tamasula, a little pueblo I think a little bit smaller than Tuxpan.    I am so happy for Elder Hernandez to be companions with another obedient, Exercise obsessed elder.  The last companion of e. Hernandez was not super obedient and it sounds like that was really tough for him

The big news of the week is that yesterday, my companion and an elder that was in Sayula ended their missions, and so what we did, was that we got together in Guzman, the 4 of us, and then the missionaries going home left to Guadalajara and me and the other missionary stayed in Guzman, and so basically, I had all of the afternoon in Guzman to do what I wanted to.   And so, I visited Lola and the Diaz Lopez family and the Alcaraz family and Ivan, and Veronica, and it was totally awesome, then I slept at the big house, and ran around the basketball court in the morning just like old times, it was totally awesome! And we got a ton of food to eat.

Lola is struggling, her husband does not want to go to church and her mother in law still lives there and does not want them to go either. The Diaz Lopez family is doing really well and are going to church every week and they all went to EFY as well, all except for Emmanuel because he is not old enough.   We ate with Lola, Hna. Escobar, the Alcaraz family and then again for dessert with Lola. The Alcaraz family is doing well.  I do not remember if I have talked about them before, he was the ward mission leader when I was there and has had many callings in just over a year. They are totally awesome and were just sealed in the temple a little while ago.   I accidentally left my bowl that I used in the Guzman house at their house and a spoon as well, and they said that they always fight over the “Elder Jarvis spoon” and that made me feel good. He is the ward mission leader once again and we had a fun time talking about the good old days. 

And guess who came to church yesterday.....................................Areli AND Arturo Munoz! only for the first hour (we have a big problem with that here)   but it was much better than nothing!

Magda and her mom are the mom and daughter  who we found contacting a while ago.  Carmen is the mom. Magda has been to church 4 times and Carmen 3, they may be baptized this Saturday, but up until now they are not completely sure. We are also teaching Lupita and Monserrat, who are granddaughters of Carmen, as well as Angelica, a friend of Magda´s,  and a friend of Lupita.   We had an activity on Friday and some little kids broke my camera, but I let Elder Gil borrow another one that I had and so I may ask for it back, would that be acceptable?

I am doing the same things for exercise that I was doing before, my 500 pushups and a lot of running in place. I want to try to eat less sugar, I was feeling guilty on Saturday trying to help Magda to stop drinking coffee and at the same time I continue to eat a ton of sugar and it just did not seem right. i feel comfortable right now.

That made me very happy to read about Paul reading the Book of Mormon with Dad. I had the chance this week to talk about the "I´ve been watching you" song this week during a lesson and that was pretty fun.  I thought a lot this week about what Dad said to me last week about how the biggest lesson that a missionary needs to learn is to forget yourself, I noticed a big difference this week when  was able to do that. 

That is awesome that Elder Scott came to talk to Nate and those guys in the MTC about Prayer. I do the same thing in my prayers, I go to another room to pray out loud. 

The language was  easier with E. Hernandez with his limited knowledge of English and has been a little bit more challenging to keep up on with my foreign companions who can speak and understand English.   Today I was able to see many missionaries, every missionary who had transfers went to the mission office to meet their new companion and so I saw, elder De la mora, who showed me the nice note that Dad wrote to him.  He did not totally understand it, he had it in his notebook.   I also saw many other elders that I know. 

We have Zone Conference this Thursday so that should be nice. We ate hamburgers today at the restaurant of the people who live below the other missionaries and have known the missionaries for a long time. They gave us a VERY generous discount. We are trying to help the branch leaders get along a little better.   It was the branch president and his very pregnant wife´s birthday on Friday, they were hoping that their baby would be born that day, which is also their anniversary. She is already overdue.

It sounds like you are all doing very well except for maybe grandpa. Tell him I said hi please and keep being the good parents that you are. I thank Heavenly Father in my prayers daily for sending me to this earth to be raised by you two.  Thanks for being the great parents that you are. Have a great week, thanks for the card and everything else that you do! Oh,  and keep focusing on Nate.  If you have to sacrifice time writing to me to write to him that is fine, I totally understand!

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