Monday, November 4, 2013

A little hurricane, and the package made it!

Yes it is raining here and there is a hurricane warning close by,  but not for San Blas.  

We had interviews with the Wagner´s this week and the package arrived!  Thank you so much for sending it, it feels so nice to wear nice clean,white clothes! And I enjoyed and quickly ate all of the candy as well. Thanks for the last consoling letter you wrote to me last week.

It was pretty fun when I started my interview with President Wagner, he started off by saying to me, "Well tell me about your life" and I proceeded to tell him about the same time as the last time we talked, about struggling with feeling guilty, and he told me, "Don't worry about it, you´re worthy" and I asked him, “how do you know that?”  and he said, "I can see it in your eyes, maybe you don´t recognize it, but you have a light about you" and that was really nice and helped me out a lot.  

I had a good week this week, I feel kind of crazy because I have not been sleeping well, but I keep exercising, which is kind of the equalizer.  It was funny this morning, we woke up and it was raining and I still wanted to go running of course, but my companion said that if there were charcos, or puddles, we weren't going to run.  Of course there were puddles, so I just exercised in the house, but it was fine.

Yesterday Bere came to church, her husband did not because he had to work. She told us she smokes, so that stinks, but she does have the desire to quit smoking.   Many less active members did not come to church yesterday and we are going to visit them this week. I wrote Lindsey a nice letter last week and she wrote me a nice one back this week. We found several new investigators this week.  One of which was Viviana, my companion found her wallet and we returned it to her and came back to teach her on Saturday. We had a good lesson, taught the Restoration, it was good, it just stunk because she was pretty immodest  and is attractive, and I just think sometimes, why do people do that?  But I guess that is just the usual these days, I don't think it just a Mexico thing.   I talked to Nate for the first time in a little while, he told me the food there is not great, no surprise there, but he seems to be doing really well!

Oh and Sister Wagner gave me a nice compliment this week, when we have interviews, we talk with both of them, and he always asks us if we are exercising, and she asked me if I was exercising, already knowing that I do, and then said, "Not like you can tell".  I think she meant it looked obvious that I am still exercising.   That was nice.

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