Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eating marlin and street contacting

We had a good week. 4 investigators came and 6 less active members came, I think. Bere and her future husband Silvestre both came, and it was the first time that he came. They are going to get married on Friday and me and Elder Martinez are going to be the witnesses. Gabriela, whose sister is a member, and Ruben, whose wife is a member both came to church and they were the other investigators who came to church. Some of the less active members who came were Andrea, Moises and his father Seferino. I taught the Gospel Principles class and it went alright. I made the mistake of telling a story that I often tell and really should stop telling, I told the story about me and Nate and the bloody pants before church story.

The weather is the same, hot and humid, but it´s good, and we had a good week. I am sweating a lot, and it makes it tough to keep my shirts clean, but that´s alright.  It was kinda fun this morning, after running I bought some food and a drink at a little store and crossed paths with a member and talked to her for a little bit obviously in Spanish, and I turned around and this lady was looking at me smiling like, "wow, this white guy speaks Spanish" it was kinda funny and cool.

There are a lot of little kids here and that made it a little bit harder to feel the spirit at church. Yesterday we taught Juan, and he is awesome and accepted a baptismal date for the 6th of December. Bere, who has now come to church 3 weeks in a row has already read to Mosiah in the Book of Mormon and absolutely loves us. They invited us over to eat again. The week before we ate Marlin with them.

We have been contacting in the street more because it is a rule now to contact at least 10 people every day, and it has been fun, it seems like we now know about half of the town. Could you send me Nate´s letter, because it appears that I didn't get it, I don´t know if you already sent it or not. Thanks!

I heard from Lindsey last week, but not this week, but I´ll write something to her.  Bere is about 50 or 55 I would think, and she always calls us her angels. I followed your example this week and wrote notes to Bere and her husband and the branch president and his wife who was sick over the weekend and could not make it to church. All who received letters cried while reading them, it made me feel good.

Funny story, the members went to the temple this weekend, and ended up having to travel to Santiago, about an hour or two away, really late at night, in one truck, 11 OF THEM IN THE BACK OF THE TRUCK!

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  1. Hello parents of Elder Jarvis. You don't know me, but my son just arrived in the Guadalajara East mission on October 14 (www.oliverelder.blogspot.com). I'm trying to find someone who can give me information about sending a Christmas package. My sister-in-law sent her son packages to Mexico through some other more reliable carrier service that shipped out of Texas, but that was 10 years ago. We did a similar thing for my son serving in Suriname a few years ago. Do you know the best way to get a package to a missionary in Mexico? And how long it takes? Thanks for any information you can provide... my email is bhulme1@comcast.net