Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Really good week in San Blas

I had several really good experiences this week. On Friday we worked in the list of members, looking for inactive members and we found one, his name is Jose, and he was very excited to see us, we taught him just a little bit and it was awesome. Then we taught the mother of an inactive member, her name is Josefina. We had a really fun time listening to her. She is 70 years old and I felt a little bit like mom when she goes in to talk to the people at the care center. She told us about her alcoholic brother who died in a tragic accident. He was walking along the freeway and was hit by a car. I think she really appreciated that we really listened to her, and I felt so good and very interested in the story she told us. We briefly explained to her what happens after this life and it was totally awesome. 

Yesterday we visited Eulohia another inactive member. And we arrived just at the right moment, it was totally awesome. We taught her the Restoration, always the best lesson and she said that she wanted to say the prayer at the end of the lesson and thanked God that we had come to visit her and that our visit had done her much good and expressed much love for us, it was one of those awesome moments when you feel like you are making a difference. Then, in our last lesson, the husband of a member here, who had never listened to the missionaries before listened to us, and we didn't even ask him too, he just stopped by and started to listen while we were teaching his daughter in law. His son, who is a recent convert, walked by the window, and when he saw his Dad listening to us, he looked at me like, what is going on, and he came and listened as well. 

This morning, we had a lesson planned with an inactive member who was not there, and so we were walking home and decided to teach a man outside of his house. We taught him about all of the Restoration and then his friend Samuel got there, who is super escogido and his friend, the one who we began teaching, Luis is cool as well. I felt the spirit so strongly throughout all of those lessons. And this morning, I was doing push ups, and because of time, I was doing other things in between sets such as shaving and things like that, but I still wanted to get my 500 push ups in. And, as a tender mercy, I ended up doing exactly 500, not knowing how many I had done until I counted them up at the end. 

The other elders in our district are Elder Martinez, Veracruz, Elder McGhee, Las Vegas, Elder Montano, Pachuca, Mexico, Elder Perez, Mexico, and Elder Krambule, Preston, Idaho. As District Leader I have to call all of the elders in our district every night to see how their day went and do 1 day divisions with each one of them once every transfer, I can go to their area or they can come to mine. I have to report how their day went to the Zone Leaders and at the end of the week I send their week numbers to the zone leaders. I also have to teach the District Class every Tuesday and that is about all that I have to do, so it is not too much. 

Yesterday, one of Pres. Wagner´s counselors came to our branch and taught Elder´s Quorum and he taught an awesome class about the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood, he was so good at knowing when to pause, which is something that we are taught to do and something that I love to do. He taught with power and you could feel his worthiness. And that is another thing that I learned this week, is that God does not expect me to be perfect in order to have the companionship of the holy ghost. He expects me to do the best that I can. And something that I have to remind myself of, and, I am not saying it to brag, but just so that I remind myself that I am worthy to be here is that, God requires a pure heart, and I have a pure heart, I know that and He knows that, and that is all that matters. I read Nate´s letter and that was alarming. I am glad that he is still safe, he has become such a stud!

Oh, and Mom, you look SMASHING in that picture with Paul outside of the SUU Building, I had to hide the picture from the men here with that Blond hair and blue eyes, haha, but you look really good, you look thin, and I like your pants. 

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