Thursday, April 3, 2014

A little marriage counseling...

March 17, 2014

Thank you very much. I do plan on complaining a little, but for now I will focus on the wonderful spiritual experience I had this week. It is so weird how often times I feel like I am not worthy and all that stuff, but God never seems to let me feel that way too long before blessing me with a wonderful spiritual experience. So, on Monday, we went with Daniel and Gabriela to Wal Mart. The bishop gave them 500 pesos out of his own pocket so they could buy some food for the week. So, everything seemed good. Then, on Friday morning I was on divisions with Elder Botello. He is from Sonora, I have known him from the start of his mission, his first companion was Elder Turley, one of the best missionaries our mission has had. Anyways, we get to their house in the morning, and Gabriela is getting her stuff packed up ready to leave, move out, they were going to get separated, well, as separated as you can get when you are not actually married. But, anyways, there were living together and we were hoping they were going to get married soon, and then we get there, and they are about to get separated. So, for a little while, we just sat there in silence, it was hard to believe what was happening. Entonces, les pregunte, esta bien si hacemos una oracion antes de que todos se vayan, y dijeron que si. Oramos, y despues empezamos a compartir escrituras. Compartimos escrituras en 2 Nefi 25 vs. 26, Mosiah 3 vs. 19, Mateo 18 vs. 1,2,3, y 4. Para que sepan un poco de la historia tambien, en la manana, yo estaba estudiando en Predicad Mi Evangelio para Cecilia una nueva investigadora que encontramos esta semana, y en la leccion con Daniel y Gabriela, recorde casi todo lo que estudie en la manana. Para terminar la historia, al final de la leccion Daniel estaba llorando, Gabriela tambien lloro durante la leccion, y no se separaron, fue una de las lecciones mas espirituales de mi mision. Elder Botello que estaba conmigo en ese momento estaba un poco disanimado, pero despues de la leccion se animo mucho. 

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