Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Last General Conference in Mexico

April 7, 2014

This week was the typical up and down one. We had our mission council this week.  I really enjoyed conference, I listened to all of it in Spanish, realizing that I will never be able to understand it in Spanish as well as I did this time. I sat by Elder Hernandez during the last session. We are going to the temple tomorrow. 

We had an interesting week this week with our investigators. Pedro pretty much told us that he does not want to listen to us anymore. We taught him lesson 5 this week, and were very direct during the lessons, we felt the spirit very strongly during them, and thus could tell, at least in my opinion that we were teaching how God wanted us to, but there were some things that he did not agree with. He came to 2 sessions of Conference and then did not want to accept another appointment. We also watched a wonderful movie with him about John Taylor, it was totally awesome. 

We are going to leave Daniel and Gabriela. They did not come to conference and continue to not get along well. 

Teresa and Rodolfo came to church, they are the parents of Manuel, and less active member, they are totally awesome and are going to be baptized after I am home...........We had SO MANY SPIRITUAL LESSONS THIS WEEK.........

We also began teaching Alex this week. El es super escogido. Tiene 21 anos y su novia ya es miembro. Quiere ser un misionero y se va a bautizar el 26 de Abril, mi ultimo sabado. A menos que ocurra un milagro, sera el ultimo bautismo de mi mision. 

We went bowling today and I bowled 118 and had several strikes.   

To help keep our minds occupied my companion and I sang LIKE CRAZY in the streets, hymns in spanish and english. At one point it was pretty funny, just before a camion passed us, I began to belt out a hymn, the camions have pornography on the back of them, it is absolutely ridiculous, my companion thought it was pretty funny. We went to dairy queen between the saturday afternoon and priesthood sessions, it was in a mall.  It was great but I felt very uncomfortable.

As far as what I want to eat when I get home?  Skor Bars, Pizza, Costa Vida, Lasagna, Brownies, Ice Cream, Alligator Jaws, Chocolate Milk, Dairy Queen, Krave, IHOP, Just for a start, haha. 

Love you guys, gotta go, talk to you again next week. 

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