Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Digging in the dirt and going to bed on time

January 13, 2014

My week has been very good, I made a major change this week. Last week, President Wagner told me, translating it from Spanish to English, in my weekly letter, "Remember, there is safety in following the manual." I think he told me that because the week before I told him that I wasn't going to bed on time. Anyways, his letter motivated me to go to bed on time this week, and for the first time in all of my mission, I was in bed on time, all week long! It was wonderful, I actually slept worse, but at least I had the peace of knowing I was being more obedient. It is funny because I would never dare sleep in, but I manage to find it quite easy to justify going to bed late. That was the one rule that I knew that I had to obey before the end of my mission, and I am finally obeying it! I was just staying up too late eating, filling out papers, talking to Elder Webb for 20 minutes, going to the bathroom while reading the notes you have written me, washing clothes, etc.

When you told me about Sister Wagner and her sisters shocking their grandfather, it reminded me of something pretty funny I did on Saturday. So, next to the gas station here in San Blas, there is a soda machine, and when it is, or recently has been raining, the machine shocks you as you put the money in or take out your soda. So, walking back from lunch, I asked Elder Montano if he wanted a soda and he said yes, and so I gave him the money and when he put it in the machine, it of course shocked him and he threw the money backward. So it was like killing two birds with one stone because I got to see him shock himself and he didn't spend the money either!

We had several good spiritual lessons this week as well. I went on divisions to Villa Hidalgo. I worked with Elder Perez. He is from Mexico City and has the same time in the mission as Nate. We had a fun lesson talking about repentance with a youth from their branch. The kid we taught is Christian, he is 22 years old and I asked him if he was going to go on a mission, and he said that he didn't think he could because of some things that he had done, and so we taught him about repentance. Then, we gave service, and it was totally awesome. This guy was moving some dirt with a shovel and we asked if we could help him. You can imagine how much I loved digging in the dirt again. Elder Perez also tried to help a little bit, but he is about the size of Elder Martinez so............haha.

When I was in Villa Hidalgo, we went to the gym as well and that was great! We were the only ones there, just us and the owner and I did work. The owner was very impressed that I was as big as I was just by doing pushups. I am still pretty big, but my muscles are just covered in fat, I would like to lose some fat and get more toned.

We taught several good lessons this week. I taught district class, one of the most boring ones I have taught, but o well. We had a good lesson with Sagrario. She is 14, a couple of her brothers are members, but they don´t go to church, her mom is a member of a Christian church, so she is the only member of her family who goes to church, and members of her mom´s church come to their house all the time telling her she has to go to their church but she has stayed strong and wants to be a missionary, and is not that cute just so you know. Brother Manrubio accompanied us all day long yesterday, he is such a stud! He has only missed church once in 10 years as a member. He was sealed in the temple and now is divorced, pretty sad. He often invites us to eat tortas and drink soda with him.

The water is not safe to drink (from the tap) But, I have drank it on several occasions and have never gotten sick. People still drink tons of soda here, actually I am famous for being probably the only elder who does not absolutely love Coke. I have actually tried to like it and have drank it a few times, but I hate it, for me it is an acquired taste, and I know I spelled that wrong. So, the point is, I have stopped drinking coke, I just do not like it. I feel like God knows that I like to eat sugar so much that he has given me the blessing of not liking Coke.

I feel really comfortable with my Spanish lately. It is not perfect, and I don't think I will ever be able to say the double r´s, and I do not know how to say everything and I do not understand everything, but I feel really comfortable with it. I feel like when I focus and concentrate it is really pretty decent. I love to speak in English with the American tourists here because they remind me that my accent isn´t that bad.

We cleaned the house this morning as well and that was soooooo nice! I was just thinking today I am so looking forward to eating your desserts when I get home! I feel soo good obeying the rule of going to bed on time now, and I feel like when I pray and ask for blessing and protection, it is more likely that I will receive those things. I really like a quote by Elder L. Tom Perry in Preach My Gospel that talks about how obedience pretty much puts like a shield around us.

I have got to go, sorry!

Love, Elder Jarvis

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