Thursday, January 9, 2014

Staying in San Blas, back with Elder Garcia!

December 16, 2013

Hey mom! Happy Birthday this coming Friday! To tell you the truth, Dad did remind me of it, but I had already remembered it as well! Sounds like you guys had a nice fun week this week, busy as usual. We had a good week as well. With transfers coming up, Elder Martinez and I went to the soccer field to run Wednesday through Saturday. My legs felt SORE, and it was absolutely wonderful, and I´m not being sarcastic, I loved feeling like that. We had our zone class this week in Santiago, and they gave us Microwaves, which I, of course had to carry to the taxis and such, at one point I was walking along with the big huge microwave and this guy stops and say, "lo bueno es que estas grandote, si no estarias cansado." I thought that was pretty funny. I had a few funny experiences this week, you know that when you are at your house, everyone always says to shake hands with a firm grip, well, I think that is usually good advice, and I tried for some odd reason
I´m not really sure of to put that advice into practice this week. So, here I was shaking hands a little bit more firmly than I usually do, being about twice the size of the average Mexican, and I bet you can figure out the rest. Several members complained to me about breaking their hands, I didn´t really hurt anyone, but I´ll make sure to shake hands a little more gently this week. 

This week was a little bit of a tough one for our district as far as our investigators and less active members and sacrament meeting attendance goes. Only 60 came to church, but 5 less active members did come, and Gabriela, our recent convert came as well. 

We had transfers this week and they transferred Elder Martinez to Puerto Vallarta,and I received a "new" companion. He is a familiar face, his name is one you´ve heard before........Elder Garcia. We are companions again, I am pretty excited for that. We are working here in San Blas and I am excited for that. At several points this week I felt very irritated with my companion and didn't feel like I was being a very Christlike person. I am excited to be with Elder Garcia again, and things have gone really well right now. He has a nice ipod and some good music that it was fun to listen to last night. 

Speaking of nights, something that I have forgotten to mention to you guys in middle of some difficult times, one big blessing that I have been receiving lately is that I have been sleeping really well. There has been several times when I have wanted to keep reading, but have been so tired I could not and have fallen asleep reading. I also find myself occasionally drifting off while praying, I pray on my knees on the hard floor and using a hard wooden chair, and it is not like I am trying to fall asleep but it just happens sometimes because I am so tired. For me, that has been a blessing. We have a nice fan in the house and I have had many nights when I have slept very peacefully. 

But, all in all I had a good week, we got back late tonight, and I will write a little bit more tomorrow. Happy 47th Birthday on Friday mom, and it makes me very happy to see all the success Nate is having, I am glad he is being such a great missionary. 

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