Thursday, January 9, 2014

Short letter the week before Christmas-

December 23, 2013

I may not have a lot of time to write today because we went to Santiago to play ball. But just so you know I am fine and doing well! And the packages from you guys and the grandparents got here, thank you very much!

Jugamos futbol, basket y futbol americano.  It was really fun to play ball, I just got fried! I threw 2 td passes to Elder Webb, lefty to lefty!.

I think we are going to write on Christmas day around 6 and we are going to try to find a member who has skype. Thank you so much for the shoes and the belt, I really needed a new belt and I do not know how you knew that! Thanks for the ties and the candy as well. I did not want to but I felt that it was necessary to take the candy to church and share it with the members which I did. It is funny, there is something that I have learned from all of my companions. Elder Martinez was really good about sharing and giving everything he had to others, I know he would have done the same thing in my situation

Just a question, the tie with the catholic churches on it was a joke? I thought that was pretty funny, maybe you did not recognize it.

One last thing...... I will actually be writing at 4 instead of 6 because I forgot we have a lesson at 6, and tell Sam Heron I said thanks as well!

Love you guys Elder Jarvis 

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