Monday, January 27, 2014

Still no fish, and interviews with President Wagner

"I am not as fat as I look in this picture."

Gina and Alberto with the glasses he gave me. The bad thing is that they got separated this week. He went to Guadalajara and left her with their 3 kids and she does not have a stable job. We were going to visit them Saturday morning which was before he left, but we had to go to interviews in Santiago. They could not make it to conference. We are going to continue teaching her.

We had a good week this week. We had interviews with President Wagner on Saturday and District Conference on Saturday and Sunday.  The interviews went really well.   President Wagner is so good to me in the interviews. He always picks me up and reminds me that God looks on the heart.

He also interviewed me for my temple recommend because it had expired. It was kind of funny because one of the questions was about honesty and I told him that I owe about 10 or 15 pesos to correos mexico (Post Office?), but I did pass the interview even with that little problem. People here trust other people, if you want to buy something and you don´t have enough money, they just tell you to bring the rest later and trust that you will do it.  Mom, I look forward to eating your cookies when I get back. I did 550 push ups this morning and bought an ice cream. By the way, thanks so much for money you sent me, it was more than enough and I have got to learn to spend it more wisely as well.

We went fishing again today, we still have not caught anything. I don´t fish, only Elder Garcia does, I just relax in the sun for a little bit. We go by ourselves and do not use rods, we use empty plastic soda bottles and get some string and wrap it around them.

I wrote to Jess today and plan on writing to the Kelly´s.

Transfers are this Monday. I would like to stay here with Elder Garcia, and I have a hunch that is going to happen.  We'll see.

Mayra did come to church again and is preparing to be baptized on February 22.

We had to send photos of our house today, luckily it looks pretty clean.

Sorry this was a little short, I've got to go.

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