Monday, January 20, 2014

Fishing and moving sand

I am doing good, we had a good week. Today we ate lunch with Yina and Alberto, 2 of our investigators, one investigator came to church, Mayra, she is the brother of Agustin who was baptized in August.  She has been to church 3 times and we have taught her 3 lessons.  Only 65 people came to church, so that´s not that many, but I am not sure what to do, or what we are doing wrong, or maybe that is just normal.  

We also went fishing again today, but did not catch anything. We do fish in the ocean, actually in the famous, muelle de San Blas.   

I have been doing my push ups, but not on Sunday. The only day I did not exercise was Thursday because I woke up feeling sicker than a dog.  I did manage to get up on time, and be studying on time and do everything else, I just did not have it in me to exercise. 

We gave service on Saturday and it was wonderful. We had to move a ton of sand, put it into buckets and move it, I was sweating more than you can imagine and it was absolutely wonderful. I read that Nate is going to train and thought that that was totally awesome! That is so cool, I am sure that he will do great, he has been such a stud missionary!

Thinking about Nate reminded me of something I thought about yesterday.   Sometimes, I worry a lot about setting a good example for my younger siblings to follow, and then I thought, and tried to imagine how Jesus Christ must have felt having to set an example for the entire world, and that, if he had committed even one sin, all of humanity would have been lost forever!

 Jordan Sanders wrote to me today and it was very nice to hear from him.

Sorry, I've got to go.  I'll send pictures next week.

Elder Jarvis

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