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Gratitude from Christmas week

December 30, 2013

Don´t worry about what you guys told me on Christmas...........Thinking back on it, I would never judge a person for going home from their mission early either. Something I have realized in the mission is that, it is hard. We often hear that if someones goes home early from the mission they will probably not stay active in the church, and I am not so sure I agree with that. There are so many factors that play into someone going home early from their mission. Something my District President in the MTC often told us is that, "you can go to the Celestial Kingdom without going on a mission, you can´t go to the Celestial Kingdom without going through the temple." I liked that a lot, I know that the mission is a great experience that changes our lives, but they are many, many very good people who have NOT served missions. 

To avoid any confusion right from the get go, my week was a lot better after talking to you guys than it was before. I did my best to focus on having positive thoughts and feelings rather than focusing on not having bad ones and it helped.

More than anything Mom, I don´t want you to worry about what you told me, I am glad that you told me!

I really liked something that Jess told me last week when she was sick, she made a big list of things she was/is grateful for. Even in our hardest moments we can find much to be grateful for. Some of the things I am grateful for are:

My Family,
The companions I have had and the things I have learned from every one of them.
We ate sooooo much good food this week.
Exercise and the endorphins I feel after exercising,.
Sacrament meeting was by far the most reverent sacrament meeting I have been a part of here in San Blas, the classes Sunday were wonderful as well.
OUR HOUSE IS CLEAN, I am no longer fat like I was in Residencial.
And speaking of Residencial, a less active/recent convert I knew there´s son recently was baptized.
Me and Elder Garcia have been getting along really well.
Agustin and Karla had us over for dinner last night.
The sunsets, sunrises, and sky in general here in San Blas is gorgeous, the members feed us every day,
I gave in talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday and felt the spirit very strongly while doing so.
I had a great time talking to you guys on Wednesday and now feel like I am a more normal person again.
I have had a fun last few days reading the scriptures,
We ate tortas and tacos this morning, it has rained all week long,.
We are going to have a Noche De Hogar tonight, I had a fun time talking with everyone about how good Mom´s Spanish is,.
Brother Manrubio is ALWAYS willing to accompany us to lessons, and many more but I feel like the list is long enough!

This morning we cleaned the house for a long time and it was sooooo nice. We could have gone to Santiago to play ball and not have had time to do anything else, and we would have ended up washing our clothes and cleaning the house tomorrow, and in the process disobey, but we chose to be obedient, not go and I am so glad we didn´t! There is so much peace that comes from simply obeying the rules! I remember a quote from President Monson that said, "Life would be a lot simpler if we would just obey all of the commandments," and Elder Eyring said, "the only plan of happiness that God has for all of his children, is to keep all of the commandments." 

If I have to get off before you next email it is because I am following the rules and am getting off by 6. If I continue to write to you pass 6 San Blas you can remind me to be obedient and tell me to get off!

Love you, have a great week.

Elder Jarvis

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